Thursday, September 21, 2006

Steel Beach

It's pretty cool that Bigelow Aerospace will launch a space
station before the end of the decade
. Someone is actually
leading, instead of waiting for moribund nasa to announce
another program that in 15 years will put us back to where
we were 30 years ago.

(above is an image from BA's website of the genesis I)

When I was young I wanted to be an pilot and then
become an astronaut. I never got closer than sitting in an
F-15's cockpit for maintenance purposes and lately it
has seemed like the only people likely to go out into space
will be the chinese. We didn't make space 1999 a reality,
but space 2099 might actually happen with companies like
BA leading the way.

After working offshore in steel vessels for the past 15 years,
I wouldn't want to live in space. I'd like to go for a weekend,
just to see the curve of the earth from space and maybe
have stars in my pockets like grains of sand.

Here's the next pass of genesis I over Katy,TX will be Friday
night, heaven's above is a cool site to figure out ground tracks for objects
in space.


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