Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Still in Quito

Here's a picture of Quito from
a webcam in our office. The
resolution unfortunately isn't
there to show the clouds flowing
like room temperature whip
cream over the top of the
mountain on the right, and
through a valley.

Another feature that didn't come
out is an airplane is landing in the
center-left background. The runway
is pointed almost straight away from the
camera, maybe obliquely to the right.
Right at that mountain. So planes
taking off have to do a maneuver
that takes them up at about a 45 degree angle, or when they land from the south
it looks like a carrier trap. Pretty cool and distracting if you're trying to work
at a desk with this window.

Below is a view from google earth. The red ellipse is where the runway is
a red circle marks the webcams
location. Since the runway almost
lines up with the long axis
of the city, almost anywhere
in the city has a plane flying
over every several minutes.
I'm learning the flight schedule,
since there is a pack of flights that arrive here from 10:20 pm to 11:10 pm.
I don't even bother going to bed until the continental flight arrives.

It's a nice place to visit, but I'm glad we're moving to Bogota instead of here.


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