Wednesday, September 27, 2006

One job ends, another begins

I'm just closing out the last issues in my current job before I fly
down to colombia to start a new assignment. It kind of sucks for
things to change, sometimes it would be nice if things could stay the
same, the same boss, same employees, over and over...or maybe it's
better that change happens, I can escape from one job where
everyone says great job but I can see all the things I screwed up
glaring at me every day, and start with a clean slate tomorrow.

Strangely enough, my current job is the one I wanted for years and
years, and now I'm at the point where I'd pay money to be able to stop
doing it. hot damn.

So which is it? Do I want things to stay the same or is this continuously
changing process that is life better? It's really hard to say. I'm like the
monkey that won't let go of a handful of termites to be able to pull it's hand
out of the tree trunk. If I hold on, I can hold dinner in my hand, but if I
let go I can get my hand free.

Oh well. I guess it's time to leave this office and go see what tomorrow holds,
new job, new office, new country, new house.


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