Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Playing at the world's smallest casino

It turns out that my hotel has a casino, it has around 50
slot machines and 8 craps tables. The minimum bet is one
dollar (ecuador uses dollars, not sucres based on dollars, but
our physical dollars. What the hell?), so this isn't James Bond
casino elegance.

I did have a nice time though. Free drinks, free appetizers and I
played blackjack for money for the first time. I didn't know there
were so many rules, I normally stick to video poker or craps but
due to a lack of craps tables it was either blackjack or a one armed
bandit. I had some drinks, went up and down in chips and left with the
same number of chips I walked in with. The cashier took my $50 in
chips and handed me 5 20's.

I started to walk out, thinking had I won $50 and not noticed? I started
to turn around and walk back, angels and demons tugging my legs so
hard that I walked woodenly back into the casino with a strange straight
leg step that made the guard stare at me. With the cross winds of guilt/
honesty/theft/greed blowing backward and around, I made it back to
the cage and asked them to check the video...I think they gave me too
much money.

The cashier looked at me like I spoke greek instead of spanish and called
the security guys to check the tape. Whether or not there is even tape in
the machines, the tape found that I was right. and stupid. I walked woodenly
out, with my angels and demons just hitching a ride to see what other stupidity
I can dig up.

I ate sushi at the hotel bar (I like this hotel, the Dann Carlton), if this place had
a titty bar and a craps table in the casino it would be my version of heaven.
I walked back into the casino intent on winning back my $50 that I had never really

I sat down and learned why blackjack could be really fun, with a streak that I kept
running by letting the winnings ride, until I got to $32 and I was sitting with a 15, the
dealer had a 10 card, I said "give me a 6!" and a six appeared to the astonishment of the
table. so I walked out with $55, about 5 drinks and half a plate of appatizers.
A nice little casino.


Blogger Sharon said...

Like I say, you have an interesting life.

It's good to be honest. Even if you're the only one who appreciates how honest you were. :)

3:02 PM  

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