Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hurricanes seem to be following me...

I spent a few days in ciudad carmen and villahermosa in
mexico, before I left there was hurricane that hit nearby.
I didn't notice until it began to rain like a cow pissing on
a flat rock. No continuous coverage from the weather
channel, or even the local news. Ciudad Carmen already
was flooded from just the normal afternoon rains, so I'm
sure it flooded bigtime.

In New Orleans after Katrina, the poor went from the
projects, to the superdome, to the astrodome to other
projects I don't think the poor in ciudad carmen were
so lucky. I 'd hate to see the effects of a really bad storm

I left mexico and flew through a hurricane for the 2nd time
this year, and I learned several important lessons. Mexico
city has the worst big airport I've ever seen, along with
unhelpful stupid people. I asked one lady which way the
American airlines counter was, and she said "derecho", which
means straight. When in reality it was the other way. I
walked to gate #1 and back to my gate which turned out to be
gate 36.

Then the american airlines people weren't much help. I'm glad
I bought stock in southwest, they are going to take over the world
since there competitors are so crappy.

I finally to to Miami and I learned lesson #2, which is if you are a
US citizen, and you are making an international connection through
a US city, just go through immigration rather than through the
international connection lounge. They've got those poor foreigners
waiting in long lines with stupid immigration agents that periodically
shout out "no cell phones" whenever a person meekly takes one out.
Why no cell phones? it's not posted anywhere.

Well anyway, I'm in Barbados again. I thought that I was
in the crappiest hotel on the island last time, but it turns
out that now I'm in the crappiest hotel on the island. Even
though it is crappy, with a un-airconditioned sitting room, it has
a great little bar that attracts large numbers of pale english

All of them come here to barbados to work out some jungle
love style fantasy with rasta-men. The bar here has
certainly seen it's share of jungle love. I can't say I blame
any of them, it would probably be equivalent to me going to
thailand for vacation. (not that I'd do that)

I asked a coworker what they have that we don't have, and
he answered "besides length and endurance?"

Hopefully no hurricanes will come here this week.


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