Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Homer in Arabic?

I'm in the UK, and the BBC showed the news that
the Simpsons are being translated into Arabic
I agree with one of the local arabs they interviewed
for the show:
"If Homer doesn't eat bacon,donuts and drink beer
he isn't homer"

The beeb also is screeching about avian flu, you
could have copied the stories from the US, just changing
"Evil Bush" to "Lapdog Blair". Yeah, we're unprepared
but nothing really has changed.


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Blogger Sharon said...

I hate anonymous commenters. Especially the ones who tell me to close the rooms I'm not using. I myself like to heat the house with all the doors and windows wide open. Little fresh air never hurt anybody.

I agree too: If Homer doesn't eat bacon, donuts and drink beer, he isn't Homer.

My pediatrician was quoting the Iliad last week and asked my twelve-year-old if he knew who Homer was. My son said, "Yeah, that guy on the Simpsons."


11:44 AM  
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