Sunday, October 30, 2005

Cognitive Dissonance at the BBC

I'm back from the UK finally. After two weeks of just
watching 5 BBC channels, with no internet in the hotel,
I'm bathing in information, surfing the web and watching
tv while reading the newspaper.

BBC is far more slanted than even the big 3 networks here.
It seems like every news story ends with a jab at the bush
administration: "Scientists expect a the coldest winter
in the past 20 years, which will be hard on the poor, this
is because the US didn't sign the Kyoto treaty."

They will be doing a whole show Monday on "Katrina,
America's Shame", and constantly showed those photos
of Wilson and Plame with her dressed in dark glasses and
a scarf as they did stories about how Bush led us to war
based on a lie. (To them ambassador Wilson is still credible).

Then when they have a true local story to cover, riots between
Pakistanis and blacks in Birmingham, they never say
the key word, the elephant in the room is never mentioned.
It's easy to infer what might be really happened when they
mention under their breath that during the violence a mosque
was attacked.

Then a fairly laughable story on the psychology of terrorism,
where they dance around the cause of suicide bombers, is it
groupthink among young men? Are the people radicalized
and form cells before they actually join al-queda? Are they
rich or poor, or 2nd generation immigrants? Are they christians,
jews, buddists? Oh yeah, by the way, except the Tamil Tigers
ALL suicide bombers are Muslims. Captain, I detect a pattern.

I don't know what the bbc hopes to gain by consistently inspiring
hatred and distrust of the US just to gain points against president
bush. Some day, the administration will change to someone they
like, the stories will change back to the Clinton model and people
will wonder what in the hell really happened over these 8 years.


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