Monday, October 31, 2005

Dilbert has a blog!

Dilbert author Scott Adams is blogging now. I saw the link
over at Peeve Farm last week, but I forgot to bookmark it.
When I remembered it yesterday, a quick google of Dilbert,
blog, brought it to the top of the list. If I can remember my
password at blogrolling I'll add it to the list, it looks like a
good daily read, for example:

Maybe it’s the way I was raised, but I find that I get mad about all the wrong things. For example, when I hear a news report about some serial killer who buried 43 victims in an underground bunker that he constructed beneath his shed, my first reaction is Wow. He built an underground bunker under a shed! I find myself admiring his industriousness and passion in the pursuit of his dreams. That’s clearly wrong.

Which is pretty fucking funny if you ask me, not only is it easy
to see the source of the very twisted dogbert as the king of
the world, but is pretty much the way I watch the news now.
Sortof, how'd the guy get 27 bodies under his house? A
baseball rolls under the house and to me it is lost forever. Pushing
a dead body through a crawlspace would be the height of the
heeby-jeebies to me. Maybe that's why I'm not a mass murderer,
or is it because this house has a concrete foundation? hmmm.
(to the FBI, I'm joking)


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