Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dead Poets

I'm reading a book called The Four Agreements
by Don Miguel Ruiz, here's a quick review at

The four agreements are:

* Be impeccable with your word
* Don't take anything personally
* Don't make assumptions
* Always do your best

I'm just on the first agreement, which if you read
a summary you might think is "just keep your word".
But instead the author means it literally, be "im-
peccable" with your word is "without sin". Words
can hurt and cause echoes of pain, guilt and remorse.
Don't use them as swords, or gossip or say negative
things. Words have power, like black magic they
can weave a spell.

This is clearly illustrated in the movie dead poets
society, which is playing on the TV here. Mean words
are easily said to the people we care for most, and
they can have the most drastic consequences.

Anyway looks like it will be a good book. Thanks


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