Saturday, April 30, 2005

Not ready for 9/11 on the history channel

I'm not sure why 9/11 struck me so deeply that when I just
happened to click onto a history channel show about the hijackings,
that I immediately reverted to being extremely pissed off.
Apparently I'm not ready to view those events as dry history

When people tell me that 9/11 is in the past and I should get
over it, or let it go, or that it wasn't that big a deal, only 3000
people died versus thousands in iraq, yada yada yada. I tend
to remind people that they weren't trying to kill 3000 people.
They were hoping to kill all 110,000 people in the buildings, plus
whoever else would be nearby, plus my wife and I, since our vacation
to new york was originally scheduled for September 2001.

Luckily, my wife went back to school that year, so we moved
our vacation to August instead. We got to see the world trade
center, but we couldn't go on the roof because of rain. I said at
the time "oh well, we'll see it next
trip". Wrong answer.

I am thankful that I hold no position of power in the government
or military. If I had been in charge that day, I would have bombed
the shit out of afganistan, along with any other place that had a bunch
of idiots celebrating or happy about what happened.