Saturday, April 16, 2005

Headin' Home

I'm in london for my flight back home tomorrow. I managed to spend
the afternoon in the British Museum, sort of a flying visit; to try and see
the whole place in 4 hours is impossible. I didn't even rent an audioguide,
because to hear it all in 4 hours I'd have to put the audioguide in
auctioneer mode: Andheeerewehavethecultureofasia,bluepottery

It was all pretty cool anyway, even if you have to wonder how it all got there.
"No, we're just taking it back to london to protect it from your thieving native
hands". ......"Yes Sahib"

[Placeholder for a picture of the rosetta stone.]

The underground is one my favorite things about london. I'd like to live
in a large city where it isn't necessary to own a car, but it still easy to
get around town quickly and easily. London's underground is way
better than New York's, cleaner and over a much bigger area.
Washington D.C's is clean too, but not so extensive as london's.
What makes the london underground the winner for me is the tube map .

Last time I came to visit london I bought a print of the Tate by tube ,
which to me is great art, but I can't hang it on the walls since my wife
is not in agreement. (maybe I should put my foot down?)

Here's a link to information about disused underground stations that
can be seen from the trains currently operating. I haven't
remembered to actually look out the window at the right moment
to see one of them. Sort of a "where is that...duh!" situation.

Anyway, I can load some photos from the home pc, my work laptop
is slow enough putting freeware blogger utilities on it.


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