Thursday, April 28, 2005

Kicking over anthils

Chester pointed out an article in an egyptian paper:

Votes that rebound

Washington has determined that a democratised Arab world is in its -- and Israel's -- interest. The assumption is wide off the mark, writes Hassan Nafaa*

Elections used to come and go without any one taking much notice, for reasons that are known. But things have changed of late, for reasons that are equally well-known. The region is preparing for a number of legislative and presidential elections over the next few weeks or months, and many -- both inside and outside the region -- are curious to see what happens. Lebanon has parliamentary elections scheduled in late May. Palestinian elections are due on 17 July. Egyptian presidential elections are slated for September, and will be followed by parliamentary elections before the end of the year. All are expected to leave their mark not only on the countries involved but throughout the region, though whether these elections will mark a real turning point is hard to tell....

This is completely true in that President Bush and many people here are
hoping democratic elections will allow the people of the middle east to
show their true face. That Islam will be shown to be the religion of
peace and the people of the region will begin to strive for better lives
instead of cheering when suicide bombers successfully kill people.

It won't be a good thing if Hezbollah wins in Lebanon, and the rejectionists
win in Egypt. Our 'friends' the egyptians won't be our friends anymore.
Hezbollow, the killer of the marines in beirut, will be in charge in there,
and the intifada in Isreal would probably start again. Things will look
very dark for Bush and the people who support him.

On the other hand, our true enemies will gradually be unmasked.
Instead of supporting a government in egypt that supposedly is
our friend, The US will have no reason to support a government
made up of Islamic radicals. Instead of an enemy government
that spews official propaganda of antisemitism and hatred of the
US (that we give billions to) in aid to while they suppress their
people and blame all their problems on the US. There will be an
enemy government that has to take responsibility for their
problems, and maybe their people will begin to see reality.

After a year of elections, the middle east may become more
democratic, open and accountable to its people, and I hope it
will be so. But if elections just bring a series of governments
that are openly our enemies, with strong support from
their people who chose that government using free and open
elections, then the situation will be bad but much clearer.
The president can call a spade a spade, instead of saying a
government is evil, but the people are good. He can start
to point out who are our real enemies, instead of holding
hands with them.


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