Saturday, April 30, 2005

Boudreaux the boat builder

When I was in England last month I spent most of my time in
the pubs of Newark, and mostly in the pub in my hotel, because
they would sell me beer after 11pm. I tried to drink guiness one
night and ended up too drunk to tell a joke, but I tried to tell the
pretty bartender a cajun joke, which made her think that not only
was I drunk, but an idiot. Apparently cajun jokes aren't that funny
in a non-understandable drunken accent. Here's one that I think is
pretty freakin funny:

Boudreaux said to Thibideaux, "I got to leave dis piece o' shit town".
and looked really downcast. Thibideaux said "why?" and Boudreaux
answered: "When I built all dem boats on da bayou, did they call me
'Boudreaux da boat builder'? ...No." "When I built
all the houses on da bayou, did they call me 'Boudreaux da house

"But when you Fuck one pig...."


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