Monday, August 28, 2006

Today way back in 2005 - Aug 28

Here was one key mistake last year, nagin ordered the evac
sunday morning, instead of saturday afternoon like Jefferson

Mayor Nagin just ordered a mandatory evacuation, by
reading the legaleze version of the order instead of saying
more plainly it is time to leave, and if you don't leave no
one will come rescue you.

Hopefully it wasn't poorly executed and too late.

Governor blanco just mentioned that President Bush called to
make sure there was a mandatory evactuation.

She keeps mentioning being blessed, and she keeps repeating
herself and mentioning flying in and looking at the traffic.
Instead of a governor she is really just a traffic reporter
and a bad one at that.

I voted for Bobby Jindal, and I wish that fast talking guy had
won. posted by Joe at 7:16 AM | 0 comments

I wish I hadn't been right last year. It was apparent to me watching
from 2000 miles away what to do and when to do it. People that
have never lived in new orleans don't realize that katrina was the storm
we talked about since betsy in 1965, the storm that would fill the bowl.
None of the things that happened were unexpected, I had heard stories
from boyhood about carrying an axe into the attic in case you have to cut
your way out.


Anonymous Jon said...

Everybody on the Gulf Coast knew that, eventually, New Orleans would get the big one. While nobody ventured a guess when, everyone knew of the possibility.

Here's my problem with the whole mess: New Orleans is still too close to the level of the Gulf of Mexico and is still in harms way. So, why is so much money being spent only to be spent once again?

8:24 PM  

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