Thursday, August 03, 2006

Meanwhile, back in the present war

I'm a little too busy right now to google a good event from

history today, so here's likeks:

From Lilek's Screedblog today: (8/3)

Of course, he’s right. Without the steady, respected hand of Iran on the Middle Eastern helm, the Syrian regime might be replaced by pragmatic elements of the military unwilling to enjoy the boon of Persian dominance. One can excuse the occasional, inexplicable acts of Iranian mischief; the mullahs no doubt are busy destabilizing Iraq today, for example, but only to achieve a more stable future (Would that our leaders had such foresight!) Granted, their rhetoric is hardly helpful – a New York Times photo of a billboard in Tehran shows the well-fed adamant face of Sheik Nasrallah, a man about whose movement the gentle Democrat from Michigan has no opinion, and the billboard’s English text reads “Israel must be wiped out the world.” (sic)

Extreme? Sure. That’s how those loveable nuts talk over there. You’d have to be nuts – or a Jew! - to take it seriously. But what if the billboard suggests to a third option?

ha ha ha, those loveable jews. Fooled you, I did google some today, I went
to time's archive and searched for the word Jew's from 1934 to 1939. After
three tries I found this loveable sentiment.
[pretty cool archive, but i'm not paying them today]

Jun. 5, 1939
"They [the Jews] ... are using their not inconsiderable influence in the Press and in Parliament to embroil us with Germany." Thus wrote the Very Rev. William Ralph ("The Gloomy Dean") Inge, retired dean of London's St. Paul's Cathedral, in the Church of England Newspaper. When the fuming British press demanded proofs, the lemoncholy divine admitted: "I have no direct knowledge."Testifying against the Wagner Health Bill on the grounds that it might loose a flood of needless Government-given medical care, Dr. Morris Fishbein, editor of the Journal of the...

When people say "never again", what does that mean. Specifically
that we're not going to allow germans to load jews into ovens after
starving them to death, or is it really more general, we're not going
to allow another country to use antisemitism to instigate genocide
using whatever means. I hope it's the second one and we won't let it
happen, again.