Friday, August 04, 2006

Drunkblogging - Nuke 'em from orbit

I see that Allah is drunkblogging to see if he can repeat
mel gibson's expirement and start spouting anti-semitic
BS just due to alchohol. I'm also drunkblogging, drinking
double gin beefeater bloody-marys, switching the tv between
CNN, Fox and Entourage on HBO.

I'm at the "let's go back to the ship and nuke 'em from orbit"
point, as these fuckers in Iraq all chant together. After about
10 oz of beefeaters in 2 hours, not only is the tower guard
on the label looking at me funny, but he's got the voice of
anderson cooper on CNN, and it sounds pretty bad.

I'm sure reality isn't this bleak, but if we were to deorbit
10 or 20 nukes that are probably hanging up there (after
withdrawing all of our troops to kurdistan and kuwait) and
just roll those bad boys out, roll the bones, zap the neutrons,
flash, bang, thank you maam. Wipe the slate clean, Sand
to glass. Hot times in the city. Would that be such a bad

In a little while my wife will get home from the "no texas
sales tax sale" and I'll see that things aren't that bad and that
it's a good thing that there's no guy with a football dozing on my
sofa. Good job mr. Prez. and to those people serving in Iraq.
Those Iraqis don't deserve your sacrifices.