Wednesday, August 02, 2006

From an earlier war 2 Aug 1945

1945 - During the night (August 1-2), 820 US B-29 Superfortress bombers drop a record total of 6632 tons of bombs on five Japanese cities including Hachioji, Nagaoka, Mito, Toyama and the petroleum center of Kawasaki.

here's a link in german, the photo on the left is the city of toyama:

Am 2.8.1945 bombardieren 850 B-29-Bomber die Stadt Toyama mit 6.600.000 kg Brandbomben. 98,6% der Stadt werden vernichtet; es gibt so gut wie keine Überlebenden.

Tokio am Morgen nach dem Luftangriff in der Nacht des 10. März 1945. Dem dreistündigem Brandbombardement fielen schätzungsweise 130.000 Menschen zum Opfer.

the translated caption: o 2.8.1945 bombards 850 B-29-Bomber the city Toyama with 6.600.000 kg of incendiary bombs. 98.6% of the city are destroyed; it gives as well as no survivors.

This is what total war looks like.


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