Thursday, February 09, 2006

Walking in Circles

I've walked in circles quite a bit in my life. Offshore, one
of the few ways to exercise (unless you're on a nice rig with
a gym) is to walk on the helipad. Since the helipad is usually
only 50' across, you're walking in a fairly tight circle, around
and around. I was walking last night, and I wondered how many
hours I've walked in circles on heliports, and could this explain
my difficulty in walking more than 50' in a straight line after
drinking 10 beers, or could there be another mysterious

I guessed that since 1991 I've worked about 1500 days offshore
(another 500 or so on land rigs), and I probably walked about
2/3's of those days, for an average time of an hour each time.
That makes 1000 hours, or round it down to 40 days!


Oh well, my circular walk was spoiled by that thought. A wasted

On a cheerier note the sunset was a fiery cheeseball falling into the
ocean in the west, and on the other side of the rig, two freighters
appeared to be on a collision course as they sailed towards each other.
I started walking when the two freighters were at opposite ends of the
horizon, I tromped in a circle, as the sun dove and the freighters passed
like two ships in the afternoon. I expected them to stop alongside each
other and have one captain lean out the window and say, pardon me
but do you have any gray poupon?

But of course.


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