Saturday, February 11, 2006

Storm tossed sea

Here's a picture of the
waves of a very rough
gulf of mexico. It doesn't
look very impressive,
because I'm up on the
rig taking pictures from
100' above the water.

The waves are about
10-15' high, which isn't
bad if you're 100' up,
but if you're on a boat
can be pretty miserable.

Strangely enough, now is the rough season for the gulf, during hurricane
season, except when there are hurricanes passing through, the gulf
of mexico could be a big duck pond for all the wave action.

Right now, winter winds blow, waves crash, all under a blue sky, and I sit waiting,
unable to work until a boat can cross the storm tossed waters. Until
I work I can't go home. Prisoner of the waves.


Blogger Nick said...

I understand the waves and/or weather has been rough as of late. My fiance's step-brother was actually sent back to land 2 weeks ago from out a bit beyond Fourchon b/c of the weather.

7:59 PM  

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