Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Why I'm blogging

In the comments, CajunRenard says:
"I know, I know. You're a Bush fan. Gotta admire your loyalty. However, are you feeling safe now that all the WMDs are wrested away from Saddam? Are you ready to admit that we went to war with fabricated evidence?"

To which I replied:
"If you look at the post below
"I too prefer my ammo dumps insect free" you'll see what I think.

If the iraqis had hollow bombs ready
to fill poison gas, and hidden bunkers filled with "pesticide"
that affected exposed people like nerve agent, then they had wmd.

the reason no wmd's were found was the searchers had a political
motivation not to find them.
Anyway, saddam was the wmd. Once the sanctions had ended he
would have done what he wanted to do."
One of the main reasons blogging does kind of work for me is I
can say refer to my blog for what I think. I don't necessarily
have to rehash arguments via email or phone or at parties.
I used to enjoy political arguments when it was just clinton and
a blowjob. Now the stakes are too high for rhetoric. If it comes
down to probush or antibush I have to be probush until someone
on the other side is serious that we are in a war. Personally, Bush
is just the kind of person I've disliked since LSU. Everything he has
is due to his family's money and connections, when my family has
never had money or connections.

Now I don't like him, but the other side are nuts and willing to lose
a war to score points. Bush was elected and as commander in chief
decided to go to war. Congress supported him and continues to approve
funds. That's the way the system has worked since 13th century
england. Agree or disagree we are there.

Stop quibling over the whys, every quibble gives the enemy heart.


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