Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Dead Pool

Lawrence Simon is running a dead pool again this year and
I thought it might be a good idea to sign up and join something
instead of just lurking.

Here is a list of the prospective entrants. No hard feelings,
(except for the couple that I'm rooting for to win)
for any of the entrants, it's a trip we all take, but if you can win
me a $10 dominos card while your at it then great.

here's my list:

Name - Famous for what? - DOB

Dick Van Dyke -Actor 12/13/1925
Saddam Hussein - Bad Actor 4/28/1937
Mohammed Ali - Fighter 1/17/1942
Jimmy Carter - Wimp 10/1/1924
Margeret Thatcher - Tough girl 10/13/1925
Earl Cambell - Tough Guy, tailed off with the saints 3/29/1955
Nancy Reagan - ex actress, ex first lady 7/6/1921
David Duke - ex clansman, ex politician, ex human 7/1/1950
Gerald Ford - clumsy guy, lost footing and vietnam 7/14/1913
Keith Richards - famous clean blood recipient 12/18/1943
Nancy Pelosi - representative, bloodless c--t 3/26/1940
Billy Jean King - likes the previous 11/22/1943
50 Cent - likes the previous more than Billy Jean 7/6/1975
Bill Clinton - likes it even more 8/19/1946
Ted Kennedy, likes it less, leaves it swimming 2/22/1932