Saturday, November 12, 2005

Snowy Morning

Here's a picture from
yesterday as the snow
fell. It was only about an
inch of snow, but as I
walked to the clients office
yesterday, I felt like it
was a blizzard.
It might be cold as heck
here in achorage, and not
very sunny during the day,
but they do have some
pretty good seafood here.

I had King Crab legs last night at a place called
Sullivan's. We had to wait about 3 hours for a table
so I joined the rest of the people in drinking knockouts,
which is just vodka that has been marinating in a big jar
with fresh pineapple. Then with dinner I switched to
Grey Goose vodka over ice.

Needless to say, my head feels like a gypsy family has
been sleeping in it. Apparently if I had just stuck with
Grey Goose I couldn't possibly get
a hangover since it is so refined/expensive.

Today the sun is out but the days are getting noticeably shorter
about 10 minutes per day. Sunrise at around 8 am, sunset at
4:30 and it pretty much looks like 4 in the afternoon all day long.


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Anonymous mostly cajun said...

You know, I'm actually envious. I just recently had to turn down a little trip to Alaska myself to fire up somebody's generator. I got too many local commitments... But I sure would have liked to go...


8:14 PM  

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