Sunday, November 13, 2005

Looking a gift horse in the mouth

Here's a photo looking to the west
from my hotel. It's 2pm local time,
you can see the long shadows of
the buildings.

The photo was taken with my new
m:robe from Olympus, which is
a safety award from the company
I work for. Thanks! You can see
there is a little blurring, that's
because you have to tap the center
of the LCD display to take a photo.

I think it might have been cheaper
and better to just put a "button", which is a technical
innovation similar to a "laser".

Oh well, as they say I shouldn't look a gift camera/music
player in the lens. But since I had heard we were getting
ipods, I had a friend rip a bunch of my cd's, and apparently
he gave the music back to me in a fairly lossless format
supported by an ipod but not by an m:robe. doh!


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