Thursday, November 10, 2005

North to Alaska again

Well I'm back up in Anchorage again. When I'm rich (come on
Powerball) this will definitely be the location of a summer home.
It's beautiful here in the summer, golfing 20 hours a day, good
seafood. Etc.

Not a winter destination though. I've been here 8 hours this
time and I'm already depressed. The guy I'm working with
just got a call saying he has to go up to the north slope for
the project while I work back here in town.
thankfully they didn't ask me to go, since they would have received
a creative combination of "fuck" and "no".

Or back in reality I would have meekly gone, mumbling darkly under
my breath. By the time I don't work here, I'll only be capable of mumbling


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