Sunday, November 13, 2005

Liveblogging CSPAN

I'm clicking through channels while waiting to go to work
and I came across a show on cspan2 interviewing
Peter Schweizer "Do as I say not as I do:
profiles in liberal hipocracy

This looks like a great book, I tried to take some notes
on the question period:

questions: School choice? the clintons sent chelsea to
a private school, when the public schools she would have
gone to were ones the clintons praised before they were

Hillary Clinton is pro children's rights, but she was a very
strict parent and wouldn't allow Chelsea to get her ears
pierced. But Hillary wants the rest of the country to allow
teenagers to get abortions without notifying parents.

Rich people and political affiliation - kennedys, clintons
George soros are pro-taxes, but do their best to avoid
inheritance and income taxes.

The clintons bragged that they always pay the maximum
in taxes, the author checked and it is ridiculous. They (liberals)
are never called on their statements by the press.

The rules apply to other people but don't apply to themselves.
Kennedy and guns, "Guns don't make you safer", but ted
kennedy's bodyguard was arrested with two submachine guns
in the Senator's building, When asked, a spokesman said Senator
Kennedy's concern was "to be able to leave washington safely."
Liberals want rules for other people, but those rules don't apply
to themselves.

Organized labor - do these people who advocate labor unions
really use them...some of Ralph Nader's employees tried to
form a union and he fired them.

Nancy Pelosi is one of the richest members of congress, owns
a restaurant chain and a vinyard. But doesn't allow unions
there. She can't meet with the afl-cio at her own hotel because
it is not unionized.

Who is a good example of someone who lives their liberal values:
Nader isn't, he owns shares in competitors of companies that he
is attacking, eg when he attacked Microsoft he owned $100k of
dollars in companies attacking microsoft.

Micheal Moore gives away the 5% minimum to maintain his trust's
tax exempt status.

Do liberals give to wounded soldier's foundations?
-Al Franken does entertain the troops.
-Noam Chomsky was asked by Frontline magazine in India if it
is dangerous to attack the US. He said no, it's not dangerous
because he hold a US passport.

Does the media show some hipocracies and not others?
The liberal media shares the liberal worldview. eg Bill
Bennet wrote a book about virtues, but was called a hipocryte
because of his gambling, which he had never condemned.
Meanwhile Kennedy is a true hippocryte, calling for high
taxes while his family doesn't pay taxes.
[in the body of his speech the author cited several examples:
The kennedies used trusts to avoid death taxes, only paying
1%, they own a company based outside the country to avoid
corporate taxes, and they own an Oil company.]


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