Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pigs, Chickens and solar power

They say that when it comes to breakfast, a chicken that supplies the eggs is dedicated, while the pig that supplies the bacon is committed. Since I'm still a chicken I added some links to some renewable energy sites on the sidebar. Just a couple of links to some training sites; is where I attended a one week pv installation class that was very good.

I'm still not a big enough pig to spend actual money to install any RE technology on my house, or start a long dreamed of, never done solar power business. Oh well.

I also added the first of many links on climate change. These first two sites are like me skeptical. To say that 'consensus' has been reached among scientists is disingenuous, since both of these sites include articles from scientists that don't agree with either the direction or magnitude of climate change, Or are arguing that the 'proof' of the hockey stick graph was conjured out of statistics. By definition, if someone is arguing against an idea, there really isn't consensus. More on this later...


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