Monday, February 21, 2005

Our friends the Saudis

Mary Madigan is posting over at Micheal Totten's weblog about a report from the Freedom House
that exposes Saudi funded religious extremism in mosques here in the U.S.

One excerpt:
The Saudi literature is bent on instilling in its followers the conviction that whenever they are not in Saudi Arabia or other Islamic countries, they are in enemy territory and accordingly should struggle to establish Islam, or else return to the Islamic world.
A Saudi-government text [Document No. 32] for tenth-grade students entitled Science of Tawheed, copies of which were obtained at the Al-Farouq Mosque in Houston, Texas, teaches the impropriety of mixing with, or imitating, the unbelievers.

“Residing among the unbelievers continuously is also
forbidden because it is dangerous for the belief of the Muslim.
That is why Allah made it obligatory to emigrate from the land
of disbelief to the land of Islam.” [Document No. 32]

The message is that the peaceful coexistence of Muslim and non-Muslim in a multi-cultural state is not simply unachievable, but is undesirable and even punishable: If a Muslim “thinks it is permissible to be under their control, and he is pleased with the way they are, then there is no doubt that he is no longer a Muslim” [Document No. 32]. Muslims content to live in the West are therefore delegitimized, and, in fact, declared apostate. Anything positive they may say about the West is thereby discredited.

Documents like these sound the death knell of political correctness. Saying that diversity is supreme, and all points of view are valid will be the death of western civilization, liberalism, freedom of religion and the United States. Due to political correctness arguments against this crap will be met with "but their cultural viewpoint is valid" or "but they've been oppressed by western capitalism".

Anyone who can read this whole document and start to say "but..." should be frog marched to the border and thrown into mexico.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who can read this whole document and start to say "but..." should be frog marched to the border ....
Now that's funny. For a few blogs there I was worried you'd lost your sense of humor, you rabid right-winger you

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