Friday, February 18, 2005

Enemy of my enemy

Wretchard at the Belmont club is discussing why the left sees the current US government or maybe the west as the enemy.
The "Left's inability to see" -- is the product of their unshakeable belief in the immutability of their world whose safety is guaranteed by the very system they hate the most. In that make-believe garden, academic tenure, human-rights lawyers, newspaper articles and political correctness will always protect them. They are dimly aware of, but do not really believe in the existence an outside world governed by what Tom Friedman called Hama Rules, of which the explosive laden ambulance is a part.
Hama Rules is Friedman's shorthand for how Syrians dealt with rebels in the city of Hama. They leveled it. Literally.

I've never understood how there can be people here in this country who can wish for US failure in Iraq, who could possibly say 'the enemy of my enemy (bush) is my friend (Iraqi insurgents, islamofacists, etc). I realize this is a straw man argument, most (99.9999%) of liberals don't support terrorists, but a large percentage of liberals are holding themselves aloof, using the Chris Rock OJ argument ("I'm not saying I agree with the terrorists, but I understand. And oh yeah, I support our troops")
If I was a liberal fervent enough to go out and protest, I'd be protesting that we haven't bombed Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. If we happen to lose this war, liberals would lose the most. There would be no 'log cabin Islamofacists', all openly gay people would be killed out of hand. No equal rights, no working women, no political correctness. As Wretchard says:
The Left will wake up one day, on the morning it is led down a dark corridor to a cell floored with rubber mats, sloping curiously down to a corner where a single drain waits to carry fluid away. The walls will be bare but for a banner with the words 'Allah is Great' opposite a video camera whose tripod legs are protected with a drop cloth. On a table will be a single knife. And then they will know. Then they will see.
The left should see their true enemy, Islamofacism. They can hate George Bush and the neocons, but still consider him the enemy of their enemy.


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