Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bombings in London, Buddhists, catholics don't take responsibility

CNN just reported that some islamic website is saying
the justification for the attacks are Allied troops presence
in Iraq and Afganistan. Isn't that a bit circular?

At least Bin Laden had a 'good' reason for 9/11, since our
crusader brothers had occupied Spain in the 14th century,
and our friends the infidel dog jews had occupied Isreal.
This argument might be crazy as a raving lunatic barking
at the moon, but at least it's not circular.

These new guys 'Secret group ofAl queda jihad in Europe',
(sounds like the rock group 'Presidents of the USA') have obviously
been studying the argument techniques on the democratic
underground website.

Since they also said that this attack was planned
for a long time, it obviously took them a long time to learn the
debating techniques of the DU. Idiots. Pork eating sons of
whores bastards.

[my prayers, for what they are worth, go out to the people of
London. When I stayed there in April my hotel was there in
Russel Square. I love London and the underground, I'll be
back there soon.]


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