Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Beware of Undertoad

Lileks has a great Bleat
today discussing his dog's
life, and how unconciously
happy his family is right
now, but he has a dark
undertone in his column,
of how a terrorist attack
such as Beslan could undo
everything and make us
wish for the boring past.

[Here is a picture of our
dog taking a break after
working for several hours
taking calls and answering

Heather Nicole wrote a review and interpretation of John Irving's
'World According to Garp' the other day that reminded me of
one the things I remember most strongly from that book.

Something that has the same feeling as Lilek's column today
was Garp's undertoad, how when life seems most mundane
and normal, there is a looming presence below that can
snatch away life and happiness in an instant. So, enjoy your
mundane life today, kiss your wife, and enjoy watching your
dog run with unbound happiness towards the next bush in
your route around the block, as if it is a new adventure not
the same bush they pee on five times a week.


Blogger Heather said...

The undertoad struck me, too. I can't believe I left it out of my review! I guess I couldn't get the whole "pecker-biting incident" out of my brain :-)

7:15 AM  

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