Tuesday, October 26, 2004

VDH - Singing the Kerry Blues at the Crossroads

Victor David Hanson is an historian who can easily move from describing
the current war to the origins of WWII to battles that built and destroyed ancient Greece and Rome. Always worth reading, here he lays out why Kerry will be a disaster if elected and why he may still win:


"In sum, a Kerry presidency will lack either the vision or the resolve to finish the war, resulting in a defeat for the United States in Iraq — with calamitous consequences for the brave reformers there, an end to liberal momentum in the Middle East, a reversal in the conduct of Libya, Pakistan, and the Gulf, and assurance to Syria, Lebanon, and Iran that the United States is conducting not war but a criminal investigation akin to efforts against gambling or prostitution. Chamberlain-like, we will return to the complacency of the pre-9/11 days, regarding the telltale signs of the destruction to come as mere "nuisances." All the hysterical invective of John Kerry's surrogates — like George Soros, Michael Moore, Terry McAuliffe, and Teresa Heinz Kerry — cannot change that bleak and depressing fact"


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