Monday, October 18, 2004

Near Camry Sandwich

The wife and I drove over from Houston to Lafayette this morning on I-10. I thought the trip was going bad enough when a big-ass rock hit the windshield and put a 2" star on it in Beaumont. Just an hour later we were coming down a bridge in Lake Charles, and it was raining hard enough that I couldn't quite see the bottom of the bridge. I could see the outline of the cars in front of us, and they were swerving all over the road, right next to a tanker truck. One car hit an SUV and they both went into the left shoulder, and the tanker truck swerved onto the right shoulder.

I slammed on my brakes, and I thought; "We're good, I can stop waay before the wreck". Just then the truck behind me comes over the top of the bridge and locks up his brakes. I could hear his tires, then to emphasize the point he layed on the horn. I thought we were fucked, but I got off my brakes, since the farther down the brigde I got the less squished we'd be.

Then as we got closer to the wreck, they moved into the left shoulder enough that a lane cleared between the wreck and the truck on the right shoulder. The only thing blocking the middle of the road was what caused the wreck. Some fuckwad's lawn chairs. I gunned it and we went right over the lawn chairs and clear out of everything and down the bridge. It was just like the scene in Days of Thunder where Tom Cruise drives right through the smoke and doesn't wreck. Except my wife was with me. And we were in a crappy Camry. Oh, yeah, and I'm not Tom Cruise.

Maybe it wasn't a miracle that we didn't crash or get squished. But the second truck not hitting anything was as close to a miracle as I've seen this year.


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