Friday, October 29, 2004

"Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit"

(-“The day will come when even this ordeal will be a sweet thing to remember.” -Virgil)
For good or ill the non-lawyer part of the election will be over in a few days. If you scroll down to most of the posts below you can guess that I voted for Bush via absentee ballot yesterday. Here's why:

To me, nothing is more important then the war on terror. Not the economy, the environment, flu shots, Medicare, Social Security; all that is peripheral to the war. That's because one nuclear bomb detonating in one U.S. city will undo all those things. I think the only way to avoid that near nuclear certainty is to drain the swamp, remake the middle east in some fashion. President Bush is the only one of our two choices that is credibly heading in that direction.

You can say that Bush is stupid, but Clinton was probably the smartest president ever, and he nearly destroyed his presidency for a blowjob. Smarts ain't everything.

People say Bush = Hitler. Those people should have to go into a locked room and read the book Rise and Fall of the Third Reich over and over until they realize they are wrong.

It's obvious that Bush is a Fortunate Son. What success he had in life is due to his parents. I'd say that is true for most successful people. Making the jump from poverty to success is difficult unless you can get into the right university, know the right people, etc. That's reality, deal with it. The only difference between Bush, Gore and Kerry is that Bush has more successfully leveraged his nepotism. Again, that's life.

You might think that war is always bad, violence never solved anything. You are free to believe that as long as someone else in this country doesn't agree with you. Pacifism is beautiful as long as you are willing to face the choice of converting to Islam or death, along with your family and everyone you know.

This isn't the first time the west has faced Radical Islam. If you read almost any account of the crusades, most of the battles ended with blood soaked crusaders falling to their knees, thanking god for victory, or the defeated crusaders being sorted into those who can be ransomed and those who are offered the choice of death or conversion to Islam. Our culture has advanced past the point where we can indescrimanantly wipe out cultures or enforce conversion to christianity. We are no longer willing to be blood soaked crusaders, but our enemies are perfectly willing to sort us into those who convert or the infidel dead.

For this local moment in time we need someone like George Bush to lead us. He isn't the best possible choice, but he does get the idea that we are at war, there is a group of people who still dream of a caliphate ruling over the whole world, and they won't stop until they are successful or dead.


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