Friday, February 23, 2007

I hate it when that happens

Do you ever travel to a different city and go to one of those
places...what's it called? oh yeah, a casino, and you play craps for
about 4 hours and lose $100 in a slow unfun kind of way while
drinking what do you call them? oh yeah, cuba libres, then you get
get tired of losing so you go over to the $5 baccarat table even though
you don't know the rules, but it's really pretty easy so you play and
you win back your money plus another $50.

Then you go back to your room and turn on the tv and they have what's it
called? oh yeah, the wizard of oz with Pink floyd's dark side of the moon
dubbed over it, and it plays and it plays and it seems to fit so perfectly that
you realize that pink floyd, the people that wrote the wizard of oz and the
guy that dubbed the movie with the album are all doing you know, what's that
called? oh yeah....serious drugs. Man, I hate it when that happens.

[dorothy is just meeting the scarecrow, and "dark side of the moon" is
playing -roger waters is saying "the lunatic is on the grass" just as the
scarecrow jumps out] no more cuba libres for me.


Blogger Sharon said...

I don't know, cuba libres are not sounding that bad to me right now ;)

5:36 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

update - 8 hours later [sideshow bob noise on] ugugugugugugugugugug [sideshow bob noise off] or as my dad would say: "i feel shot at and missed, shit at and hit".

6:44 AM  

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