Monday, December 11, 2006

Who Dat!

I stayed up to watch the Saints win last night, and since Colombia
is on eastern standard time I was torn between wanting the Saints
to score more points against Dallas, or taking a knee like they did
so that the game would end and I could go to sleep before midnight.

The game was on ESPN here, but the announcers overdub in Spanish
and they never sound very excited, much the same way announcers
in english call a game of soccer. [The simpson's episode where springfield
has a boring soccer game that ends in a riot showed that best, "he
kicks the ball...then the other guy kicks the ball...then the third guy
kicks the ball, etc"] I tried picking the game up on internet radio, the
announcers on WWL don't make any pretence of partiality and it's pretty
traditional to turn off the idiots on national tv and turn up Jim Henderson
& Archie Manning on WWL. (maybe it's Hokie Gajan now?) Apparently
licensing restrictions prevent internet radio outside the US. Sucky.

The announcers weren't that bad even in spanish. When someone breaks
away for a touchdown they say: "debe a montar su bicicleta" instead of
"he better get on his horse and ride" to catch up. They keep all the city
and personnel names anglicized, but they change all the nicknames to spanish,
so it was the Vaquerros contra los Santos. oh well...

I was born the same year as the Saints in 1967, so every year since
I could remember I thought "this could be the year that we go to
the superbowl". This year it is definitely doable, the team's fate
is in their hands, if they keep winning they can earn a first round bye
in the playoffs. Then we won't have to watch Minnesota crush the saints
in a wildcard game (1986?). Or the have the hated Falcons romp over the
Saints in the first playoff game.

So two more wins and they clinch a first round bye. Two more wins after
that and they are in the superbowl. I hope this happens, but I need to
remember the first rule of the Saints Fight club...Don't bet on the saints
to win the fight club, you'll probably lose your ass.


Blogger Nick said...

You can't show too much excitement, or the football gawds might here us and return us back the Saints team we've been accustomed to seeing the last 30 years.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Joe. Ya'll stay safe down there.

7:29 AM  

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