Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Southpark fights for freedom

I just finished off the last of the barbados rum while watching
southpark. The cartoon that looks so stupid and unprofessional
is one of the few bastions of liberal western thought. Defending
free speech instead of sticking heads in the sand is what the
media should be in the lead doing. Instead it's left to a cut-out
construction paper cartoon to carry the torch and hopefully
help save our freedoms.

Political correctness has most likely killed western civilization.

It starts with veiled threats..."you must respect our religion".
Then in some places, people are killed for making a movie that
'disrespects' islam. Then the slippery slope that the gun nuts
and the abortion nuts are always so worried about takes hold
and soon we'll be forced to write pbuh after the word mohammed.

My feeling after reading the essay below by dan simmons about
the future, was that most people feel that the united states can't lose,
we can half-heartedly wage war and allow the basic ideals of this
country to be changed by immigrants or PC or whatever else swims
down the pike in 5 years leaving behind the ideals and procedures
that had carried us 200 years from the founding fathers.

I can picture us losing very easily. A single-minded simpleton like
bush or reagan wouldn't lose. They'd cry better dead then red, or
better dead than muslim and push the button. That might be bad, but
probably worse for the other guys than for us. On the other hand, a
nuanced-minded dupe like Carter or Kerry could be walked down
the path of conversion and submission very easily. A nuked city a
day for 10 or 12 days with simultaneous calls for submission and
conversion would probably work with them.

The signs on the 1st baptist church would change to some similar sounding
mosque name. (Of course my sober self and you few readers are saying
no way, we'd never convert. But faced with actual death the real answer
would depend on a tipping point that no one can predict. Death for you and
your family or convert. Which would it be? Enough people, the police and
the army choose conversion after a weak president kneels, and next thing
you're barefoot and on your knees too, and not in a good way.)

We thought the cold war was a religious war, better dead than red, etc.
That was really a squabble among methodists, or anglicans. Cake or death?

For a real religious war a little nuclear destruction does not scare the nutjobs
in iran, not a whit. You have to look back to the age of religious wars, and
back before that to the crusades to understand the train of thought.
(Deus Vult anyone?)

Once people think their immortal souls hang in the balance they will do
and say anything. Especially if someone thinks that they can save or
cleanse someone by killing them, or ensure that they or there family will
go to heaven by killing someone else.

[If an 11th century crusader or saracen screaming "god wills it" or allah ahkbar
comes up against a granola fairly from california babbling about rights and
political correctness, granola boy will quickly find himself on the ground fighting
a losing battle to hold his intestines back in or keep his head attached to his

No more rum for me...


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