Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cajun ghost story

I spoke with my father a couple of days ago, we traded howyadoin's
for a while, then got sidetracked talking about the bayou that runs
through Moreauville where my dad's from. How it was just a few
feet deep when he was young, and they dredged a channel sometime
back in the 30's which made it the deep canal it is today, instead of
a low lazy bayou.

My dad also mentioned that that was where his cousin Gene
drowned (who I'd never heard of 'till that moment) . That when
they were boys, on hot summer days they'd climb inside an old
tractor tire and roll down the banks of the bayou, faster and faster
until they hit the berm right at the edge of the water. The
tire would then stop and fall over before diving into the bayou.
They could then jump in the water, staying in the shallow end, for
swimming or bathing.

One day, they were rolling down the bank in the tire, taking turns,
each rolling down the bank at breakneck speeds, then rolling it
up the hill for then next boy.

My father said he heard my grandmother call his name. He
gave up his turn and ran home to see what my grandmother wanted...
she said she didn't call him, which was when someone called down
the bayou that Gene was in the water, and he had drowned. The
tire had gained enough speed that it hopped the berm and splashed
into the channel, and Gene drowned.

My grandmother insisted that she hadn't called my father, she
said it was probably her mother that had called him, but her
mother had died two years before.

If you hear a voice calling, look and maybe go there, it could
save your life.


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