Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Walking blues

Doesn't it suck when you're super busy at work, but feeling
so depressed that all I really feel like doing is sliding across
the street to Big John's Icehouse across the street and tipping
back about 15 beers. Instead I'll sit here trying to keep various
balls juggled in the air, if too many fall and crash I'll ease on
out with the walkin blues.

Walking Blues

I woke
    up this mornin'
    feelin' round for my shoes
Know 'bout 'at I got these
    old walkin' blues, woke
Up this mornin'
    feelin' round
    oh, for my shoes
But you knoe 'bout 'at I
    got these old walkin; blues
Lord I,
    feel like blowin' my
    woh-old lonesome home
Got up this mornin', my little Ber-
    nice was gone, Lord
I feel like
    my lonesome home
Well, I got up this mornin'
    woh-all I had was gone


    leave this morn' if I have to
    woh, ride the blind, ah,
I've feel mistreated and I
    dont' mind dyin'
Leavin' this morn', ah
    I have to ride a blind
Babe, I been mistreated
    baby, and I don't mind dyin'
    some people tell me that the worried
    blues ain't bad
Worst old feelin' I most
    ever had, some
people tell me that these
    old worried
    old blues ain't bad
It's the worst old feelin'
    I most ever had
She got a
    Elgin movement from her head down
    to her toes
Break in on a dollar most any-
    where she goes, ooo ooooooooo
To her head down to her toes
    spoken: Oh, honey
Lord, she break in on a dollar
    most anywhere she goes


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