Monday, January 30, 2006

Should we be running like hell?

I live near the gulf coast, so the idea of rising sea levels and
hurricanes of increasing in intensity makes me think I should
maybe be moving to Missouri or someplace.

from PJM
"Natural systems are resilient and bounce back," said Susan Cutter, a geographer with the University of South Carolina. "The problem is when we try to control nature, rather than letting her do what she does."

The seas are rising, the planet is getting hotter and commercial and residential development is snowballing. Add those factors to a predicted increase in nasty hurricanes and what results is a recipe for potentially serious natural degradation, some say.

"It may bring about a situation (in which) the change is so rapid, it's something that's very different from what the ecosystem experienced over the last three, four thousand years," said Kam-biu Liu, a Louisiana State University professor and hurricane paleoscientist. "We may be losing part of our beaches, we may lose our coastal wetlands, and our coastal forests may change permanently to a different kind of ecosystem."

Since no one is even mentioning moving to higher ground or emptying
cities near sea level like New York or Galveston, maybe sea levels aren't
rising. Just saying the earth is warming and seas are rising is part of the
mantra. "George Bush broke the environment, sea levels are rising, the
earth is warming, ommmmm"

It often seems like the objective is to scare us to vote for someone other
than Bush. If anyone actually believes sea levels are rising enough to change
geography, it's time to move. No one is saying that though.


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