Sunday, March 27, 2005

In london this weekend

I've spent the past week up in Newark, which is in Lincolnshire. It's a nice little town with a pub for approximately every person and lots of restauraunts, but no internet access. Dial-up won't work from the hotel, they have no broadband and there are no internet cafes. Future business idea...internet cafe in Newark.

This weekend I came down to London to sightsee, I'm writing on what appears to be a 486 or pentium I at the hotel's business center. The city is packed with people for the easter holiday, I didn't manage to get into any major tourist sites, but I took some pictures. no usb port on this I'll post them tomorrow.

Anyway, I love the trains and underground here. I took a fast train down from newark, one that when it whooshes through the station you have to wonder if if will suck you off the platform. I zipped around on the underground yesterday, if houston wasn't built on mud it would be so cool to have the same kind of rail network, instead of the crappy on ground level train.
more later...


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