Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Nuke 'em from orbit


It is prohibited to kill or wound an enemy who is surrendering or who is hors de combat.

...is the rule from the geneva convention.

I think this Marine was justified in doing whatever

he did. If he had not shot this insurgent, and the

insurgent activated his suicide belt or a hand grenade

killing everyone including the reporter, there would be

stories complaining about how the marines don't protect

imbeds. If the guy hasn't actively surrendered, he's a

combatant until he's dead or obviously hors de combat.

( 'out of the fight'; disabled)

In the age of chivalry, hors de combat meant that you couldn't

handle a sword or mount your horse. In an age where all you

need to do is press a button to set off an explosive charge, when

are you out of the fight?

If I were president Bush I'd give him a presidential pardon. Of course,

if I were president, Fallujah would be a molten glass filled crater, so maybe

I'm not the best person to ask.


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