Sunday, March 18, 2007

bleh. old age

I'm just waiting out the last couple of hours before I turn
40. In an optimistic way of looking at things, I've probably
got another half-life left to go. Less optimistic way of looking
at things gives me 20 - 25 effective years before I retire
to the couch full time. Since I've only got 17 years professional
work experience, I still have more ahead of me than behind
me. (not sure if that's optimistic or not, I think I'd rather retire

Who knows? maybe in 40 years aging will be conquered, and
I'll live long enough to see all the rich and famous people get
treatments that keep them young forever and I'll shake my
diet bud can at the HD hologram set as Paris reenacts her
sex tape live on CBS for the 50th anniversary of it being released
on the internet. As my palsied liver-spotted hand stabs at the
tivo button, tivo will reach into my blogspot archive and bring out
this post and I'll get the satisfaction of knowing I was right about
the future before I have to get up to get another diet bud and change
my depends.


Blogger Lou Minatti said...

We're around the same age. I started noticing pains that I had never had before. It started with tendonitis in one of my feet.

Aging sucks, but it beats the alternative.

5:32 PM  

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