Monday, September 20, 2004

Sound Check

Testing, Testing, Test12, checksound, check

I've spent enough time reading blogs that I thought I should finally write one. Maybe this will just be a place for me to post links to keep track of good articles instead of cluttering up my favorites in explorer with links to articles that prove my worldview. Or maybe a place to post pictures of my dog in various forms of repose, that being the only pictures we have of her, since all she does is repose. Or maybe mis-spelled hemingwayesque drivel that will spill onto my keyboard like a new orleans style roast beef po-boy sandwich, drip, drip dripping until my letter keys are all stuck and I have to pound out numeric messages in straight ascii, ranting and raving until my little Columbian girl has to say " oh baby just you shut your mouth".

Anyway, we'll see.


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